NAFTA Talks Continued Next Week

Friday, February 23, 2018



Flavio Volpe says "Windsor shouldn't worry."

The President of Automotive Parts Manufacturers will be attending the second last round of negotiations in Mexico City next week.

Volpe tells AM800 News, when it comes to trade, the real competitor for this region is the U.S. southeast.

"The American interest in the south east know just how tough the Great Lakes region, Ontario-Michigan, Windsor-Detroit are," says Volpe. He adds, "Sometimes here, you might think that you're being ignored, it's actually — you're the threat"

U.S President Donald Trump has been hinting at scraping the North American Free Trade Agreement. The sixth round of NAFTA talks were held in Montréal at the end of January.

The seventh will be in Mexico City next week and the eighth in Washington D.C.