Future of cross-border trade discussed at NAFTA panel

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

CTV Windsor

The NAFTA ‘2.0 Vision Panel’ gathered in Windsor to talk the future of cross-border trade.

Dozens of business people attended Wednesday’s session at the Ciociaro Club.

Automotive Parts Manufacturer’s Association president Flavio Volpe provided an update on NAFTA negotiations.

“Canada has a great wild card in their bag and that is energy exports from out west,” says Volpe. “So people in Windsor should not be entirely concerned about an end of NAFTA because the Americans can’t afford not to have a preferred arrangement on the energy exports. “

Volpe says there is a lot of work behind the scenes, before politicians show up to negotiations, and he suggests that is an optimistic sign. He adds the tone amongst negotiators is very respectful.

“I think they all have a common interest,” says Volpe. “This is the file of their lives, and they all want to make sure they are remembered for the right reasons.”

The second last round of talks for the North American Free Trade Agreement will be held next week in Mexico. Volpe predicts a deal will be reached after the negotiations in Washington in March.

Volpe also says it is important people filter out what they hear in the headlines.

“I think we get confused by rhetoric, and we confuse it with negotiation tactics,” says Volpe. “We just have to trust officials are doing the right things.”