Windsor ranked cheapest Canadian city to buy a home: report

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Windsorites seeking to buy an affordable home need not look further than their own backyard.

According to a recent report released by Century 21, Windsor is ranked the least expensive city to purchase a home nationwide.

The data was collected by Century 21 franchises across Canada, which each reported the average price per square foot in their respective markets. 

Windsor sits atop the list of cheapest homes, at an average of $94.64 per square foot, followed by Moncton, with an average of $99.84 per square foot.

"Markets like Windsor have been affected by the automobile industry so they've had their ups and downs," Century 21 Executive Vice President Brian Rushton said of Windsor's housing market over the past 20 years. "But (it's) a reasonable place to buy real estate on a long term basis."


On the opposite side of the data lies Vancouver West Side, topping the list as the most expensive place to live, with an average home price of $1,210 per square foot.

5 least expensive places to live in Canada

1) Windsor ($94.64 per square foot)

2) Moncton ($99.84 per square foot)

3) Halifax ($130.70 per square foot)

4) St. John's ($166.67 per square foot)

5) Charlottetown ($175 per square foot)

5 most expensive places to live in Canada

1) Vancouver West Side ($1,210 per square foot)

2) Vancouver Downtown ($962.75 per square foot)

3) Toronto Downtown ($818.86 per square foot)

4) West Side Vancouver ($816.61 per square foot)

5) Oakville ($627.33 per square foot)