A New Auto Parts Plant in Lakeshore

Thursday, June 29, 2017

AM800 CKLW News/Ricardo Veneza




A new auto parts plant could soon be going up in Lakeshore.

REKO International is moving forward on a $10-million expansion. The proposal calls for a separate facility on neighbouring lands, to the west of their current location on Silver Creek Industrial Dr., just off Patillo Rd. If finalized, construction would begin later this summer. The plant could create 30 new jobs.

Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain says council signed off on the project at its meeting on Tuesday, even though they don't know exactly what type of parts will be built at the new plant. "We realize that the automotive industry is more than competitive. They're not wanting to reveal a lot of details on their contract."

"The new plant is proof of the resurgence of auto manufacturing," says Bain. "It's showing that there's, what I would like to term 'new life' in the automotive industry. That it's once again coming back stronger and stronger."

Bain also believes this is the beginning of more to come. "Within the next five years or so, especially with the way we're being approached by a number of companies that want to move into that area, we're seeing a shortage in industrial land."

The proposed plant would be just over 49,000 square-feet.