LaSalle Council Approves $30M Housing Development

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

AM800 CKLW News


Zoning has been approved for a new condo development near Sprucewood Ave. and Malden Rd. in LaSalle.

The project will cover 2.1 hectares of land along Newman Blvd. between Sprucewood and Orford St.

A maximum of 139 new townhouses and apartments will be built at the location, according to a report brought before town council.

President of the Valente Development Corporation, Peter Valente, says the project should be a good fit in the community. "We think this is going to serve a need for this type of housing for empty nesters and seniors, people who are looking to downsize from their existing houses."

With the project set to move into a busy corner at Malden and Sprucewood Rd, several community members voiced concerns over traffic, but Valente says the company covered its bases. "We hired a traffic engineer that did a study and concluded that the development wasn't going to produce enough traffic to warrant any sort of upgrading to the existing infrastructure or planned infrastructure."

Valente says the aim is to start selling by spring of 2018 with a starting price in the range of $250,000.

The project will cost upwards of $30-million to complete.