True Fitness bound for downtown Windsor

Thursday, June 15, 2017

CBC News


After a failed attempt to land in the Pelissier Street parking garage, True Fitness finds second location

True Fitness health club has found a new home in downtown Windsor, just months after the owner had his bid to take up space in the Pelissier Street parking garage rejected by city hall.

Larry Horwitz, head of the Downtown Business Improvement Association, talked about the move Wednesday, saying he did not want to reveal too many details. 

"The tenant will be taking up a huge chunk of space along a major block in the core and it will fill a huge service needed by the merchants and the residents," he told news reporters. 

The fitness club will occupy about 10,000 square feet of space, which Horwitz says the BIA helped give financial incentives to make the move more attractive.

"This will give everybody something to do downtown, it will make people healthier, happier and it will be a huge attraction for the core and the businesses and the residents," Horwitz said.

The owner of True Fitness, Luis Mendez, did not comment Wednesday. He announced last year his interest in opening a second location for his health club, which currently operates on Tecumseh Road East near Pillette Road.

At the time, he proposed opening in the Pelissier Street parking garage, but his bid was rejected when city council made the controversial decision to convert existing retail space into more parking stalls. 

The university is a major reason why there is so much interest in people returning to the downtown, said Horwitz, who expects more investments announcements in the coming weeks.

"Many of the people who approached us to take up space haven't event gone as far as picking a spot yet," he said.