Windsor-Essex sees positive trends in tourism

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

CTV News

Windsor is seeing some indications that its tourism sector is getting stronger. Tourism Windsor-Essex Pelee Island made a presentation to council Monday night, pointing to a number of positive trends in the tourism and hospitality industry.

CEO Gordon Orr says US travel is up about four per cent year over year. The same thing goes for hotel stays -- which saw a five per cent jump in occupancy rates, and an increase in the average room rate of $8.56.

Orr says it's likely due to a number of factors, including the strong US dollar, sports tourism initiatives and new programs launched by his department.

Orr says TWEPI has rolled out programs designed to boost the breweries, distilleries and wineries -- and is ready to launch a new artisanal coffee tour program next week.

“Ten coffee shops within Windsor-Essex have signed up to be part of that trail to highlight what they’re doing,” says Orr. “Everybody loves coffee, a lot of people do, and now they’ll have reason to travel this trail, to explore what is offered at each one of those places.”

Orr also noted that eco-tourism is doing well, and the agency is eager to promote it.

TWEPI will also be marketing the region across the border in the latter part of 2017, to augment the cross-border campaign being launched by the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association.

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