LaSalle Motors Ahead with Public Transit Plans

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

CBC News

Passengers can ride for free during the first four months

The Town of LaSalle is going ahead with a public transit service.

Council unanimously voted to partner with Transit Windsor to provide a route through the town during their meeting Tuesday night.

"I am really excited about this," said Mayor Ken Antaya, adding that as populations continue to age having an easy way to get around becomes more important.

 "As we mature these are the types of services people look at when relocating," he said.

LaSalle will buy 2 buses from the City of Windsor, which will travel from St. Clair College through the town's main business district, to the Vollmer Centre and Front Road.

The entire route will take about 45 minutes. The service will start at the beginning of September.

For the first 4 months, passengers can ride for free.