LaSalle Council Looks at New Transit Route

Monday, March 27, 2017

CBC News/Dale Molnar

The Town of LaSalle is looking at a new transit route by working with Transit Windsor
LaSalle town councillors are considering a new transit service that would help connect the community to main amenities often used by students and seniors. 
The LaSalle plan involves buying two buses from Transit Windsor, which would then operate the new route.
Mayor Ken Antaya says a recent survey showed 65 per cent of residents were in favour of a $25 to $50 dollar tax increase to pay for the service.
"I think it shows, as a municipality, we continue to mature and these are the types of services the community looks for," he said.
Windsor Coun. Bill Marra, chairperson of the Transit Windsor board, calls the new route a "significant step" toward establishing a regional transit system.
"We have many students who live in the county and public transit would be put to very good use by them as well," he said.
There are several different routes proposed in the staff report. All of them would connect to major amenities, such as the Volmer Complex, LaSalle town hall and St. Clair College.
"We are trying to hit all the significant parts of our community," said Antaya, who hopes to get the service up and running by September.
He expects the service to be free for the first month or two to get people used to it.