Oya Solar and Kolibri Sustainable Solutions announce partnership

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oya Solar and Kolibri Sustainable Solutions Announce Partnership to Develop Commercial Solar PV System in Southwestern U.S.


Toronto, Ontario / Los Angeles, California - June 28, 2012 - Today OYA Solar Inc. (OYA), Ontario's premiere developer of solar PV systems, announced a partnership with Los Angeles based Kolibri Sustainable Solutions (Kolibri) to develop commercial solar PV systems in the Southwestern U.S. The focus of the partnership will be on the small commercial sector, where OYA's unique commercial PV package addresses a substantial gap in the market.

OYA, which has been developing commercial solar PV systems across Canada and the Midwestern U.S. for several years, sees the Southwest as a natural market extension for its easily deployable and scalable rooftop solar PV solution. Their unique design and development process reduces complexity and maximizes energy yields and ROI, all key factors in the small commercial space. "We believe our design and technology package gives us a competitive advantage in this sector by allowing projects which may have otherwise been an uneconomical opportunity to proceed and be extremely sustainable." said Manish Nayar, OYA Solar's Managing Partner, "Our partnership with Kolibri will allow us to hone in on those clients who would benefit most".

Kolibri has been dedicated to small-scale commercial clients, providing custom tailored end-to-end solutions that guide clients through the solar adoption process. The partnership with OYA allows Kolibri to extend its design expertise and extensive project portfolio to further expand offerings to commercial and government clients. Kolibri COO, Sajid Mohamedy stated, "This strategic partnership will bring significant benefit to clients by providing a deeper network of trusted suppliers, innovative financing packages, and complete lifecycle support for solar products-shrinking the payback period and making solar an obvious investment opportunity".

Rising electricity prices in the Southwest have closed the gap between traditional forms of generation and solar. The OYA-Kolibri solution will allow commercial clients to fix their cost of electricity at rates lower than current market prices and hedge against future increases, while allowing them to earn a substantial return on their investment. The firms have already developed a healthy pipeline and plan to install a minimum of 5MW of commercial rooftop solar PV systems across Southern California over the next 12 months. The companies have also developed a unique financing solution to help increase client adoption.

Media Contacts:

Pamela Vazquez, OYA Solar - 877-464-7657

Sajid Mohamedy, Kolibri Sustainable Solutions - 310-309-7385

About OYA Solar Inc.
OYA Solar Inc., a subsidiary of OYA Ventures LLC, designs, develops and operates socially responsible renewable energy projects that promote economic development across the globe. Its mission is to provide access to reliable renewable energy in order to address the challenges of energy independence. With planned projects in Canada, the US, Africa and South Asia, OYA is committed to reducing the global carbon-based energy footprint and creating a more sustainable global economy. More - http://www.oyasolar.ca/

About Kolibri Sustainable Solutions
Kolibri Sustainable Solutions, Inc. creates and implements customized solar solutions that produce significant results for clients, generating financial returns while having positive environmental and social impacts on their communities. With a keen focus on customer experience, Kolibri works closely with clients to understand their goals and needs. In turn, the company is able to provide solutions that are low risk and highly pragmatic. Kolibri believes solar technology is a catalyst for a better future, with remarkable opportunities for addressing the needs of a growing and changing global population. More - http://www.kolibriss.com/