Yes Texting Cows are Real!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Ian Khan - E-Blast

I was honoured to be the keynote speaker at the Windsor Essex Development Corporation Automation & IoT Conference just a couple of days ago and I spoke about Texting Cows ! - No seriously I did. 

The Internet of Things will have tremendous impact on everything we do. Imagine when the radio was invented and how big of a disruption it caused. A bigger disruption happened when the Television was invented. A much bigger disruption happened in the early 80's when the internet came to life and now with the Internet of Things(IoT) at the cusp of expanding tremendously, my prediction is that IoT is going to be by far the biggest technological revolution to hit mankind. If you look at it from a "Value Unlocking" perspective it will help us in creating a much better quality of life for everyone on the planet. 

More on Texting Cows

On texting cows, Smart farms will use (and have already started) IoT technology to track livestock & better manage their movement, study patterns and monitor the health of each individual member of the herd. Cows (or any farm animal enabled with IoT) will be able to send critical information back to the farmer about disease, abnormal weigh gains or losses and so on, through either cellular networks or wifi connectivity. Want me to speak about this at your next event ? Just ask !

CBC television, Canada's National TV Network covered the WindsorEssex event. . Click HERE to watch a short clip from the event.

Here is some Press coverage from the conference.

The Windsor Star 

Another TEDx

You may also know that I recently spoke at TEDxChathamKent, one of Canada's coolest TEDx events. It was one of the most wonderful experiences for me as I spoke about music & human potential. Get some popcorn, sit back and get ready to be inspired ! Click HERE to watch.

2017 is Exciting !

2017 is looking like a very exciting & busy year. "Meaningful Conversations", my upcoming book on Technology, Communications and Value Creation is set for launch by Spring 2017 and I am super excited. In addition my speaking engagements are lining up with some big shows for next year :-)

Please reach out if you need my help in value creation for 2017 !