Windsor researchers keen to road test self-driving cars

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

CBC News


Windsor researchers could still be in the running for testing autonomous vehicles on Ontario roads, say experts from the region already working on self-driving technology.

Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca announced Monday a pilot project for testing automated vehicles on Ontario roads with cars developed by the University of Waterloo, the Erwin Hymer Group and BlackBerry QNX.

Auto researcher Tony Faria says it's still not too late to land a road testing program in the region.

"University of Waterloo is getting the first kick at the can," he said. "But there is still no reason at all why Windsor can't be the second in Ontario."

Researchers in Windsor say they are keen to be part of any other road projects. Professors in the engineering department at the University of Windsor are involved in developing technology for autonomous cars so that self-driving vehicles can talk to one another.

The team is trying to land a deal with one of the car companies to put the vehicle on the road.