Windsor tornado prompts emergency preparedness seminar for businesses

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

CBC News


A tornado that ripped through an industrial park last week has led the local economic development to fast track an emergency preparedness seminar it had planned for later in the year.

Seven businesses are still trying to get recover from the EF2 tornado that touched down in the Greenwood Centre industrial park last Wednesday , near E.C. Row Expressway and Central Avenue.

Windsor Essex Economic Development Corporation director of business retention and expansion said several topics will be covered at the seminar later this year.

"Making sure you have your off-site storage, your checklist, your phone tree; there's steps that can be taken in emergencies that all businesses really need to have in place so that when there is an emergency you can step quickly into that role of recovery," she said.

McGrath says many of the affected businesses are using home offices and off-site locations.

The economic development corporation said all levels of government are involved in the recovery effort in Windsor.

It's still unclear what kind of financial support will be available and what, exactly, insurance will cover.

Kautex was hit the hardest, with nearly 200 employees affected. It makes gasoline tanks for major automakers. Its production has stopped.

"One of the things that we did ensure when we were speaking to the companies is that they were tracking everything. It's really important for businesses that they are not only tracking the money they are spending and the money they're losing [but also] the time out of production, the time for lost sales."