Business Magazine Rates Windsor-Essex Highly

Friday, July 15, 2016

Blackburn News

A Canadian business magazine is again ranking Windsor-Essex as the fifth most affordable place in Canada to do business.

Granby, Quebec takes the top spot this year while Chatham-Kent reaches number two in Profit Guide’s annual ranking.

Matt Marchand, Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce president and CEO, says the ranking will give entrepreneurs new reason to consider doing business in the region.

“We’re kind of viewed — rightly or wrongly — as more industrial,” says Marchand. “It’s far more high-tech. It’s far more green. More bike paths. We have a great region here and this is going to give us ammunition not only to attract, but also to encourage those that are here to expand.”

Marchand says the positive press can help boost business confidence locally.

“There’s been a lot of folks on the Michigan side that try to attract our business folks over there. We have a good argument to say, ‘Look, we’re already number five in Canada, we’re not going anywhere,” says Marchand.

Rakesh Naidu, Interim CEO of the Windsor-Essex Economic Development Corporation, says the annual ranking attracts a lot of interest from the business community.

“When we put this in front of those that we are pursuing this immediately gets their attention,” says Naidu.

He says the ranking helps dispel negative myths prospective companies may have of the region.

“We place the facts on the table and this really helps us because, yes there may be perceptions, but when you consistently use such data that really helps us in bringing more business,” says Naidu.

The Profit Guide ranking named Windsor-Essex the fifth most affordable place for business in Canada in the publication’s 2015 list as well while Chatham-Kent did not make the list.

The overall list for best places for business in Canada in 2016 sees Windsor-Essex make the top 25 in the 25th spot while Chatham-Kent makes the list in the 13th spot. Grande Prairie, Alberta tops the list.

similar list released by the Huffington Post this week ranking the best cities in Canada for jobs and affordable homes sees Windsor-Essex ranked third in the country behind Edmonton ranked second on the list and Regina at the top.