Windsor prof says proposed mega-hospital would give boost to research

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

CBC News

The proposed building of a mega-hospital could provide a big boost to the many people working on medical research projects in Windsor, a local professor says.

Lisa Porter, the scientific director of the Windsor Cancer Research Group, said there is no dedicated space for teaching and research in the city's current hospitals.

That will change if the $2-billion mega-hospital project goes forward as proposed, meaning that teaching and research will be able to take place on site.

"It is truly important for the Windsor area that we have this vision because it actually moves the hospital towards what we call an academic or research status," she told CBC Radio's Windsor Morning in an interview on Tuesday.

"It changes the status of our hospital altogether, which can alter the base budget of the hospital. It can alter things like, the way we allocate time for physicians and for nurses and the number of staff that we can even bring in."

Porter said there are more than 200 people who are a part of the Windsor Cancer Research Group. This is a mix of scientists, physicians and students.

As of right now, Porter said many of these people work out of different locations across the city rather than under the same roof. They meet up to collaborate, but they don't get daily face-to-face contact.

"One of the big disadvantages of that — besides actually not being able to have physical research going on at the hospital — is that we don't have the day to day exchange of ideas and exchanging data and results and trouble-shooting problems."

Porter also believes these researchers would be able to have greater access to funding, if they were working in a research hospital.