Store specializing in everything mushrooms opening on Erie Street in Windsor

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Windsor Star/Sharon Hill

King oysters, hedgehogs, chanterelles, black trumpets, velvet pioppini and enoki.

There’s a lot more to mushrooms than the white button variety in grocery stores. And when you’re looking for everything mushroom — organic, wild, dried, marinated and in truffle oils — you will soon be able to find it in a specialty shop on Erie Street that is about as specialized as they come: The Mushroom Hub.

If you think it sounds a bit unusual or new to have just a store that only sells mushrooms and mushroom-related products, it isn’t. Great Lakes Mushrooms Inc., is opening its second everything mushroom store in Windsor. The first — at 5950 Rhodes Dr. — proved so popular, president Denis Vidmar is opening The Mushroom Hub: Specializing in Everything Mushrooms at 840 Erie St., in May.

“I know what we’re offering is something that nobody is offering out there. We’re really going above and beyond here,” Vidmar said.

Anne Marie DiPasquale, who will be the store manager for the Erie Street location, said the first store showed people are eager to try different kinds of mushrooms.

“Beyond the button,” is how DiPasquale sums up the concept of going beyond the standard white button mushrooms. “It’s really what we’re all about. We’re offering a full experience of mushrooms.”

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