Positioning Women for Success - Windsor-Essex Needs Assessment Report 2016

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Workforce WindsorEssex, in partnership with Ronna Hope Warsh Leadership Coaching and Consulting

Positioning Women for Success – Windsor-Essex is a local project examining barriers faced by women in the workplace and how through responsive and relevant programming, employers can address these issues and implement best practices to position their female employees for success.

This project, funded by Status of Women Canada, is a partnership based initiative being rolled out with six local employers to understand barriers and challenges experienced by women in their workplace.  The aims of the project are to better understand where and why these barriers exist and how workplaces can make changes to increase women's opportunities in their workplace and in the community.

The Needs Assessment Report examined needs and gaps between current and desired outcomes through a gender based analysis.  Collection of relevant data from women employed at each employer partner through interviews and focus groups substantiated information gathered through literature reviews, through an examination of employer partner policies and procedures and the results of a widely distributed survey. The Needs Assessment Report provides aggregated results and strategies for improving the ability of women to succeed in the workplace which will guide the development of tailored leadership development programs for each participating employer partner.

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