Lakeshore receives $50,000 grant for energy study of Atlas Tube Centre

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Windsor Star/Dave Waddell

The Town of Lakeshore has received a $50,000 grant to conduct a Combined Heat and Power engineering study aimed at reducing the energy costs at the Atlas Tube Centre.

The grant comes from the Save on Energy Program offered by the Independent Electricity System Operator. IESO is the crown corporation overseeing the operation of the province’s electricity market.

“We’re very excited to receive this grant and to see the results of the study,” said Rita Chappell-Arsenault, the town’s Manager of Special Projects.

“The ATC was built to a LEED Silver standard, but there is still the possibility to find efficiencies.”

Combined heat and power, also known as cogeneration is the simultaneous production of heat and electricity from a single energy source.

In this instance, that energy source would be natural gas.

The study will look at using natural gas to produce electricity on site to reduce the ATC’s utility bill.

“The study will look at if the ATC has the equipment to do that,” Chappell-Arsenault said.

“Is it cost effective? What will it cost and what is the payback time?”

Though the town applied for the grant last year, this announcement is well timed.

The Aquatic Centre portion of the town’s main sporting complex is scheduled to open no latter than this summer.

“We think it’s particularly timely with us opening the Aquatic Centre because we’ll be able to include it in the study,” Chappell-Arsenault said.

“Aquatic centres use quite a lot electricity with pumps and heating the pool. We’re hoping cogeneration will generate some savings there.”

Chappell-Arsenault said the town received the grant because the IESO views it as a project that could reduce demand on the province’s electricity grid.

The town has hired the engineering firm R.H. Shergold and Associates to conduct the study.

It’s expected to get under way within seven to 14 days.

“We’re hoping to have the study, which we’ll make public, done by the end of the summer,” Chappell-Arsenault said.

Should the town go forward with the project, further grants are available form the IESO to help cover a portion of the capital costs of the cogeneration project.