Local boards experience boom in French Immersion education

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Windsor Star/Dave Waddell

When wrestling with the question of whether to enrol their oldest son in French Immersion 11 years ago, Sandra Brooker said the temptation to do the easy thing sat across the road in the form of Belle River Public School.

However, like a rapidly growing number of parents, Brooker and her husband opted for French Immersion even though it meant busing their son to Puce.

Since 2007 the Greater Essex County District School Board has seen kindergarten enrolment in French Immersion rise by 50 per cent while the total number of students in the program has nearly doubled to 4,643.

“We thought it would give him better opportunities and provide a more rounded education,” said Brooker, who like her husband doesn’t speak French.

“Having a second language is an advantage. It opens up more job opportunities.”

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