City of Windsor Recognized as Open Data Trailblazer

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

City of Windsor Website

The City of Windsor has been embracing the concept of Open Data since 2010. The Open Data Catalogue on the municipal website at has grown since then to include 34 data sets, including info on topics from 311 statistics to bus routes, from community centres to website usage. In reward for their efforts, the City of Windsor has been recognized by Public Sector Digest (PSD) with an eighth place spot in their Open Cities Index Top Ten.

"The Open Cities Index Top Ten are trailblazers, working to develop the most efficient and effective open data programs despite limited resources," says the PSD Research article, Open Cities Index 2015 Report. "These ten cities are starting to see the benefits of making municipal data available to the public, including not only enhanced transparency and civic engagement, but also the generation of local economic development as developers use the municipal data to create powerful apps." According to PSD, the report surveyed 34 of Canada's largest cities to determine the number and quality of municipal data sets available to the public.

What is Open Data? "Open data is a philosophy and practice that encourages governments to make data sets available to the public, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control; for free; and in a machine readable format," said Chief Information Officer/Executive Director of Information Technology Harry Turnbull.  "One of the goals of open data is to make governments open, accessible and transparent and to encourage more public participation in their government."

To learn more about open data at the City of Windsor, call 311 or visit