New University of Windsor students boost downtown businesses

Thursday, October 1, 2015

CBC News

Businesses in downtown Windsor are getting a boost from the many new students who now attending classes in the area, but business owners say things will improve further as that population grows in future.

"We see the results, we see the results coming," Larry Horwitz, chair of the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association, said  in an interview with CBC News.

"The School of Social Work has partially opened and the restaurants in the area [and] some of the retail shops are doing quite well because of it."

There's still a lot of work to do.

"Our first goal is to fill up every storefront that exists," Horwitz said. "We have still empty shops, throughout the core. We're slowly filling them up."

He estimates that about 10 businesses have "taken a shot" in the downtown core, in part because they believe the university and college will continue to expand their footprint there.

"There's an excitement, there's a real sense of downtown is the future," Horwitz said, citing the possible law-school move to the Paul Martin Building as one example of opportunity that could be coming to the area.

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