International Business Student Internships Available to Local Companies

Friday, March 6, 2015

St. Clair College Internship
International Business Diploma Program

The St. Clair College internship for International Business is intended to give our third year students the opportunity to apply their vocational skills and gain valuable work experience.  Upon successful completion of their assignment, students are given course credit towards their college diploma.

Our Students:

Students are in the final semester of a three year Business Administration Program majoring in International Business. The program includes courses listed below.


How it Works NEW FOR 2015:

Students report to work for one full month (4 weeks) commencing the week of March 30thStudents are required to complete 120 hours of work at their placement.   Work hours will vary by employer but students are expected to work a full 7-8 hour work day (however employers can negotiate alternate work arrangements depending on student availability).  This placement is at no cost to the employer. Placements for the Winter 2015 semester run from March 30 to April 24.  Students interested in placements with participating firms are to arrange interviews with their prospective employers (commencing the week of March 2).  Firms are free to select the candidates that suit their needs and circumstances.


What is expected from Employers:

Employers are expected to provide an appropriate level of supervision and engage the students with meaningful international business related work for the duration of the placement.  At the end of each placement, employers are asked to complete a short performance evaluation which provides the student with valuable feedback and forms the basis of their class grade.

If you wish to participate or if you have any questions or comments about the program please contact:

Floyd Simpkins, Professor of Business - International Business
Phone: 519-972-2727 ext. 4741
2000 Talbot Road West, Windsor, Ontario N9A 6S4



St. Clair College of Applied Arts & Technology

International Business Diploma Program


Semester 1


ACC 110    

BUS 108     

ECN 110G      

COM 200G   

MIC 111

MTH 110                



Accounting Concepts I
Intro. To Canadian Business
Macro Economics
Communications in The Workplace
Computer Applications I
Math of Personal Finance



Semester 2


ELEC 1030   

ACC 210        ECN 210        MIC 211         MRK 202       MTH 210A    




Language Elective

Accounting Concepts II
Micro Economics
Computer Applications II
Intro. To Canadian Marketing

Statistical Concepts

Semester 3

INT 100

INT 160

INT 310

BUS 300

MRK 317

MRK 550                        




Global Entrepreneurship

World Geography & Economics

International Market Research

Business Law

Multimedia Sales Presentations

Operations Processes



Semester 4

INT 260

INT 410

INT 400


INT 150

INT 405

INT 440

World Geography & Economics

International Trade Logistics

Legal Aspects of International Trade

International Marketing

Market Entry & Distribution

Culture and Negotiations

Semester 5


INT 500

INT 510


INT 520

INT 530

INT 550                      



Trade Finance

Selected Topics in International Business

Quantitative Methods

International Economics

Logistics and Documentation


Semester 6


INT 600

INT 610

INT 620


INT 630

ELEC 1030   



International Simulation

Trade Management

International Business Policy & Ethics


Language Elective