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Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing has long been a key driver of the local economy, with aerospace a logical extension of our advanced manufacturing capabilities.  Innovative companies are driving the Windsor-Essex Region's economy with superior technology, exceptional performance, and high quality products.  In the Windsor-Essex Region our innovative technology and quality standards for the manufacturing of automotive and related products are winning important new contracts and increasing industry market share.

Considered pioneers and leading edge, our companies have gained international recognition throughout the automotive sector, in agriculture, aerospace and the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.  Dimensional vision gauging systems, robotics intensive automation machines, laparoscopic surgical instruments, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, super light aluminum engines and controlled environmental technology are just a few of the concepts developed and perfected here for worldwide applications.


Aerospace Manufaturing Ontario Aerospace Council Member logoWindsor-Essex Regional suppliers are well regarded for their highly specialized manufacturing and increasingly in demand by OEMs and Tier 1 companies worldwide.

More recently, the area's activity in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) segment has expanded. This expansion is supported by the University of Windsor's development of an Aerospace Engineering stream.  Advanced technology and a highly-skilled workforce are Windsor-Essex Region specialties. Manufacturing for key components for the aerospace industry is one example of the diverse capabilities available in our Region. Designing, developing and processing high precision components to meet the rigid demands of companies like Bombardier, Boeing, MacDonald Dettwiler and Rolls Royce have won the confidence and respect of these world-class leaders and impressive contracts for our companies.


L&H Diversified Manufacturing's president Ethen Laing said the fact his new customer chose a Windsor firm to complete the project "speaks volumes not only about our company but also for the auto industry's continued interest in utilizing the experience and skills of the Windsor area's workforce. Our employees are among the best in the industry from project management and engineering all the way to their skills on the manufacturing floor."


The Windsor-Essex Region is the automotive capital of Canada and a strategic North American centre for automotive parts and equipment.

The commitment of companies like Chrysler, Ford and GM for infrastructure and technology in the billions of dollars and thousands of square feet of advanced manufacturing facilities in this Region, combined with exceptional labour-management relations and a dedicated, highly-skilled workforce has attracted key Fortune 500 companies, created plant expansion and encouraged new start-ups amongst the private sector as well as Tier 1 and Tier 2 manufacturers.

The Region is a manufacturing powerhouse with hundreds of companies specializing in advanced technology for auto related parts and equipment, just-in-time response and quality product and systems meeting the highest ISO criteria. More than 2/3 of all auto parts suppliers perform R & D, supporting the Windsor-Essex Region's position as the 'Intellectual Capital of Canada's Automotive Industry'.

Machine, Tool, Die & Mold (MTDM)

Machine, Tool & Die & Mold (MTDM)The Windsor-Essex Region is Canada's strategic location for Machine, Tool, Die and Mold companies.

Superior technology developed through advanced and experimental research has led to the emergence of a highly specialized network of suppliers. Hundreds of manufacturers supply tool and die, mold making, machining, automation transfer equipment, machine building, deep draw metal stamping, micro-electronics and laser guided robotics systems to meet the demands of leading manufacturers worldwide.

At the heart of this dynamic industry is a highly sophisticated, highly-skilled workforce of designers, engineers and technicians assuring quality, productivity, innovation and profitability.

Whether it is blow-molded plastic auto gas tanks, delicate laparoscopic surgical instruments or five-storey, 100-tonne presses, our imagination and determination have won global acclaim.



In the Windsor-Essex Region, plastics technology for manufacturing products ranging from automotive components and toys to shopping carts and life saving medical devices is among the most advanced worldwide.

The Windsor-Essex Region's manufacturers launched Canada into the plastics revolution in 1970 with innovative mold making technology for the manufacture of automotive plastic parts. Today the industry has grown to Canada's largest and one of the world's most powerful with local moldmakers widely recognized as the preferred choice for their expertise and diverse capabilities, product quality and innovation. In an intensely competitive marketplace, our companies large and small focus on teamwork and partnerships with their customers to develop the competitive edge for their products from design and prototyping, to testing, mold making and high volume production runs.



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