Renewable Energy & Green or Clean Related Technologies

The green economy is touted to be the next big economic growth sector (similar to the internet revolution in the early 1990’s).  Ontario's Green Energy and Green Economy Act is among the most aggressive in North America, focused on building the Province’s renewable energy industry with 60% local content mandated for new solar projects, and 50% (as of Jan 1, 2012) for wind projects over 10kw.

Our geographic location presents a strong argument to be the most desirable Canadian location for wind and solar-energy installations. The region has achieved notable success on this initiative thus far.  Our manufacturing sector has many transferable skills and the education system has begun implementing curricula surrounding this market sector.

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Solar Energy

Solar energy can be used to produce electricity and heat.

Business opportunity for solar photovoltaic technology (producing electricity) is benefiting significantly from Ontario’s Green Energy Act. The Green Energy Act enables the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program which provides standardized program rules, prices and contracts as well as domestic content requirements. The Ontario Power Authority is responsible for implementing the FIT program.

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Wind Energy

Wind energy can be used to generate electricity. There are currently hundreds of wind turbines in Essex County generating clean, renewable energy.

There is business opportunity in producing wind power and manufacturing equipment.

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