An enviable year-round lifestyle in Canada's most temperate region

Windsor-Essex is not only one of Canada's best places to live - it's also an excellent business decision.  Socio-economic studies dramatically confirm that the availability of motivated workforce is closely correlated to the host community's quality of life.

What do Northern California, Southern Italy, and Windsor-Essex have in common?

The region sits at the same latitude as northern California and southern Italy and enjoys seven months of short-sleeve temperatures that support a variety of outdoor and waterborne activities.

For boaters and anglers, it's a world-class playground.  Miles of coastline offer varied natural habitats where hikers and naturalists can experience unique encounters such as world-renowned annual bird and butterfly migrations at Point Pelee National Park.

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Windsor-Essex is a diverse and welcoming community - an international cosmopolitan area where culture, arts, major-league sports and music fuse in an enticing and always-stimulating environment.

Housing and land prices are remarkably affordable, a trend that is reflected in most other major cost-of-living indicators and in a higher standard of living.

The area's three major international airports, including an international hub, provide easy direct-flight access to major centres and vacation destinations around the world.

In these and many other distinct ways, Windsor-Essex offers unique lifestyle opportunities that contribute directly to productive and motivated workforces.