Local Companies

Windsor-Essex is proud to have many well-known national and international companies located in the region. A wide range of industries are represented that employ numerous people within each of the nine communities.

Top 15 Windsor-Essex Employers (across various industry sectors)

Employer Industry Number of Employees*
FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) Automotive Assembly 6000
Caesars Windsor Casino 3000
Ford Motor Company Auto Engine Manufacturing 1850
Sutherland Group Canada Call Centre 1350
AP Plasman Corp. (Build A Mold) Plastics Product Manufacturing 950
Integram - Windsor Seating Auto Parts Manufacturers 900
Valiant Machine & Tool (5 divisions) Machinery Manufacturing 900
TRQSS Inc. Auto Parts Manufacturers 800
Anchor Danly Metal Manufacturing 800
VistaPrint Printing Services 760
Green Shield Canada Benefits Insurance 600
NARMCO Group Auto Parts Manufacturing 600
CS Wind Canada Wind Tower Manufacturing 530
Highline Mushrooms Food Crops 510
Accucaps Industries Ltd. Pharma Manufacturing 500
* Note: Numbers are an approximate and are collected through a phone survey. For a comprehensive database of Windsor-Essex companies, visit: BuyWindsorEssex.com