Windsor-Essex: An Intelligent Community

The Intelligent Community Forum is an independent international organization that rates communities for their use of Information Technology (I.T.) to grow within the new Global Knowledge Economy. That organization recently rated Windsor-Essex among the world’s Top 7 places and shortlisted us for recognition as #1 worldwide.

It’s not just because of our world-class fibre optic networks and the connectivity this makes available to every facet of the community. It’s not just the depth of knowledge among our area’s businesses that effortlessly interact every day with clients, suppliers and affiliate organizations all over the globe.

The ICF also recognized the amazing pace of recovery that is helping our area emerge as a new and dynamic force in market sectors far beyond our traditional economic roots.

Yes, we have brainpower and I.T. that place us among the world’s most impressive communities. But we also have something else, something that is equally important: a community spirit and a relentless drive to be the best, regardless of the challenges we face. Like most communities, we don’t always recognize our own strengths. But thanks to the ICF, the rest of the world now does.